This site is for those interested in social media for business as well as for those in quality management.

As we all know, social media is transforming how businesses operate. It is about building community and engaging with customers. It is about open, transparent, and honest communication in which the customer has the voice.

Those interested in this powerful media are welcome to join as well as those looking on building a social media presence for their business.

Quality management enables a company to focus on processes to operate consistently building customer satisfaction.


I was asked why I chose the theme “fisher of social change”. I would like to share my response.

Most people like to think within the box, I like thinking outside the box. There are many things that could change the world but people like to accept what is already given. I chose the “fisher of social change” because like Jesus, he was a fisher of men. I want people to accept that change is coming and ‘try’ to convert those who may accept. Look at many of the brilliant minds such as Steve Jobs who knew he had a great idea, yet there were those that thought he was crazy.

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